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how can i help overfishing

help plz
asked in Zoology by Coop

1 Answer

The question of helping overfishing is a complicated one.  Like most such questions, it comes down to finding a balance.

There is an excelent article that will give you some ideas on the topic.  Here are a few that I picked out:

  • Be informed
    Read up a bit on the issues of overfishing, have a look at some articles on this site, see if you can find some information regarding your local situation. Keep in mind that while this is a global problem every local situation is different.
  • Know what you eat
    If you eat fish make sure you know what you eat, and pick the ones with the lowest impact. Have a look at the Guide to Good Fish Guides for some tips.
  • Spread the word
    I know, it's all rather obvious, but this is simply how it works. Let your voice be heard!
    • Friends - Mention to your friends why you refrain from eating certain fish, tell them about the problems we're facing -pointing them to the Overfishing Basics at might be a good idea. More material can be found on the teaching materials page.
    • Elected officials - Write to your elected officials or political party and tell them you are concerned about overfishing and destructive fishing methods. Ask them what they think of the fisheries problem and what they are doing to manage our oceans in a sustainable manner.
    • Media - Your local newspaper almost certainly has a section dedicated for letters by readers or articles. If you are motivated writing a letter to the editor is a good way of getting a wide audience.
    • Do you have a weblog or website? Write about the state of our oceans and how overfishing is affecting the life of all of us. If you want to link back to there are some buttons you can use.
    • Students! Have to write a research paper on "something environmental", "an issue that affects you" or "2000 words on a topic of your choice"? Consider the issue of overfishing or the wider issue of the state of our oceans and the various ways humanity is using and polluting it.
    • Twitter! - Tweet about the threat of overfishing! 
answered by anonymous